Why it is so important to be true to who you really are

The greatest way to maintain your inner peace and calmness is to discover the importance of being true to who you really are. And this goes beyond quick-fixes. Being our most authentic self is a long journey that first involves actually knowing who you truly are, and then secondly having the courage to be that person.

Even if that upsets or disappoints others. Not always easy!

Without the ability to be comfortable when at times disappointing others, you may find yourself probably doing things that you don’t really want to do. That kind of people pleasing will only lead to a greater imbalance in life and make you unhappier.

Life quickly becomes a drain and every interaction exhausting. Being true to who you are benefits you and those around you as you not only begin to trust yourself but start being more authentic.

Authenticity makes life so much easier

Why do we quash certain elements of our personality when around others?  Wanting to fit in certainly isn’t a crime – after all, who doesn’t want to be in everyone’s good graces. But every time we deny ourselves the truth of who we are, we pay a price.

Life becomes more exhausting, daunting and stressful. Every interaction becomes a battle to maintain a ruse so we may never disappoint others. We can quickly become overwhelmed and overstretched in every relationship throughout our lives.

Ironically, the more we try to please others, the less we do. Not in the long run.

The true cost of denying who we really are is the lack of trust and honesty we have with ourselves. Our system automatically begins to self-doubt and undermine decisions and thoughts because we have not learnt to trust and believe in the feelings and emotions we are presented with.

Every task can suddenly become a battle between what is real and what is fake. Which is why authenticity makes life so much easier.

Trusting yourself enables you to connect with others

Becoming this more authentic you will allow your system to trust and help you engage more fully with the world. And nowhere is this truer than with relationships. By first learning to accept ourselves, being honest about our needs, not over-giving and respecting our own boundaries means we are finally safe in relationships. That means our connections with others can deepen without being threatening to our wellbeing and therefore will no longer feel overwhelming.

You will be enabled to allow and trust yourself to be in a committed, connected and more fulfilled way. The challenges you face in all relationships will become manageable, regardless if they are at work or in life in general, as the emotional turmoil of self-doubt and mistrust won’t be an obstacle in the way of understanding the issue at hand.

When we are more authentic, people are actually more accepting of us, even when we say no to them. Your friend, partner or work colleague will trust you more because they know you trust yourself. They may be disappointed at first in the answer, but they will come away with more respect for you.

And when you say yes, people will know you truly mean what you say and that you do care – you aren’t just appeasing them.

When we feel guilty, embarrassed or uncertain of our right to say no, people are more likely to feel let down. They will doubt your intentions and are more likely to think you are ‘wrong’ not to say yes in the first place.

Unapologetic authenticity is the key to freedom and happiness

Saying no without any guilt or doubt is the answer to a lot of challenges in life. Remaining authentic and honest to yourself is just you looking after yourself – and you should be happy and relaxed about it.

This will inspire people around you to be honest about who they are what they truly want. Friendships become more real. People become more accountable at work. Families become more fulfilling. Life starts working better and it involves far less effort.

The more we can care about ourselves, honouring who we really are and only doing what we really want to do, the more people trust and respect us. And the happier we all become.

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