Why connecting with those around you is essential to thriving and not just surviving in life

One of our most defining characteristics as people is the pure joy we feel when we connect with others. Whether that may be at work or in our personal lives, finding common ground and forging a close bond with another person is one of the most joyful experiences that can happen to any of us.

Whilst many people think that the secret to a good life is hidden away behind a montage of successful careers and large bank accounts, connecting with others is a simpler, more universal desire and purpose that reaches everybody, regardless of where they are in life.

But it can also be a place where people can be most hurt. Therefore, over time, it is common for people to become closed to the world. Many people have a select few family members and close friends that they choose to enjoy a connection with, but these are usually the people that they have come to trust – the people they know are safe.

Whilst it can be wise to be guarded in a world where there is still sometimes trickery at play, and whilst it can be sensible to protect ourselves from people that may hurt us if we rely on those that are not reliable, it is also really important to understand the greater significance and value of connection.

Humans can live without connection. They can easily function and survive. But can they truly thrive?

Success is all about the right connections

True success is a state of deep happiness. And that form of contentment comes from having rich connections in your life. Having friendships and relationships with people in this way can all too often be an incidental – almost accidental – enjoyment that comes at times and goes at  other times.

People sometimes notice a particularly connected moment with someone else. A chance moment of connection, authenticity and meaning. These moments truly make life worth living and because of that, why leave it to chance? Why leave it to a lucky happening?

The amazing thing about a sense of connection is that it can be created. Not in a contrived and false way. But rather, by using the power of intention, It is possible to choose to experience a connection with someone.

To get present, to get relaxed and to really listen, to enjoy the silence between speaking, not rushing to say what you have been waiting to say. Taking your time to really see this person anew. To not see people from your knowledge of them. Not seeing people as you have always seen them. Taking time to see them again, fresh in every moment.

It’s about realising connections, not establishing them

When you can truly be yourself and you can be sincerely interested in connecting to someone else, all sorts of amazing things start happening in your day.

But the most beautiful thing about understanding the value of connection is that it inspires you to really invest in your relationships. Include people in your life. Invite them to your home. Meet their partners. Meet their friends and their family. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Meet people with trust. Be interested in their story.

And with that, you discover the most incredible thing about connection. The connection never needs to be established, they only need to be realised.