Peace, power & purpose: the secret to happiness 

What if we told you that there are 3 pillars to happiness? Peace, Power, & Purpose. Each pillar contains 10 key characteristics that are the building blocks of happiness and success. And we have built them all into FreeMind.

Developed over 20 years, each pillar has been crafted to empower people to overcome the obstacles of life that stop us from reaching our ultimate self.

Utilising the very best in performance psychology, emotional intelligence training and accelerated behavioural change technology, FreeMind is dedicated to helping bring out the very best in you, so you can enjoy living your life to the full.

This holistic journey will help you understand your feelings and behaviours, your motivations, and ultimately – your optimal state of mind.

Pillar 1: Peace

Emotional intelligence is all about understanding who we are, how we are feeling and what we believe about ourselves. With emotional intelligence, we can dissolve the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours that hold us back.

As we grow up, we learn through key stages of our development a very strong sense that we are not good enough. That we are in fact: inadequate, ineffective and essentially unlovable.

It can stop us from being with others and can fuel self-destructive and competitive behaviours that make our lives challenging, complicated and ultimately unsatisfying. To resolve this we must first detox from all of these negative behaviours, habits and beliefs that are preventing us from finding inner peace. This is the first step in a journey of connecting us to our natural happiness.

Overcoming and resolving these feelings of inadequacy and coming back to a place of self-value and self-belief is where we discover another beautiful element to our humanity – our resilience. We are in control of what our life means. We choose the reaction that we want to define us. We can be happy. We are good enough.

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Pillar 2: Power

Throughout our first days on this Earth, we are told a flawed truth: that overcoming our challenges and problems in life is all about something external to us. That we can find happiness outside of ourselves. That the solution to everything is not having enough of something.

This simply isn’t true.

From food, drink, and drugs that provide short-term relief; to the pursuit of gurus, wealth creation books and health-kicks that will help us lose weight – all we want is to feel okay, but with no regard to what this takes away from ourselves.

This Pillar is based on Success Psychology; where we learn to understand that our power is already within us. We are already totally capable, ready, inflow and fully alive.

This is not about becoming someone new, it is about learning how out the very best performance from ourselves in every situation.

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Pillar 3: Purpose

How we perceive ourselves in the world is central to how we define our purpose in life. In the early years of our early development, we try our hardest to make sense of our world. However, it is common for our young minds to end up struggling with deep feelings of being disconnected, separate and isolated. These feelings, if unresolved, have a huge impact on how happy we can be as adults.

This feeling of disconnection is the source of all the fear that holds us back in life. That fear makes us feel like we are unsupported, like lone wanderers that must be independent, strong, and ultimately selfish. This only goes on to fuel further feelings of isolation, because we avoid vulnerability, intimacy and collaboration which are the key ingredients of real connection, communion and community with others.

We don’t need more separation, individualisation and competition. It is the remembrance of our connection to all things and our interdependence with all things that brings us back to the true meaning of life.

Modern physics has actually shown us that we are all part of an inter-dependent field of awareness; that we can, in fact, learn to work in harmony with.

Bridging this feeling of disconnection is paramount to understanding our true purpose in life. Relaxing our fears around survival and therefore allowing us to feel safe, helps us feel willing to connect with others and be loved.

This helps us remember that we are tribal beings. That we work best when collaborating and support each other to be our very best. From here our purpose is obvious. We simply want to contribute and bring value to the world and that wakes us up to our most beautiful self.

Time to reflect

And so, ultimately the three pillars come together. With more peace, we have more power and as we connect more to ourself we ultimately feel more connected to others and life itself. With that our purpose becomes clear. Life takes on new meaning and we are filled with a happiness that comes from within, that is not dependent on external factors, which brings a certain flavour of joy, that inspires us every day, to bring our very best to life.

A free mind, living and loving life to the full, enjoying more success and happiness everywhere you go.

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