How you can fast-track the benefit of a years’ meditation in just a matter of months with FreeMind

Modern life can leave little time for our own mental wellbeing. From increasingly demanding careers to strained personal lives: finding time to stop, breathe and look after our own mental and general wellbeing can seem an almost impossible task.

This is why we built FreeMind – a powerful meditation app that delivers the benefits of long-term meditation in a faster, more efficient way.

By making meditation easy, inspiring and energising – you can enjoy the benefits of long-term meditation in less time – ensuring you are more relaxed, present in life and empowered to enjoy success and happiness – everywhere you go.

Our purpose is therefore simple: to allow all people access to the power of meditation without any complicated training courses, private sessions or wasted time. It’s more power and value to you, wherever you are.

How FreeMind works

FreeMind combines meditation, advanced psychology and MetaMusic to activate the alpha brain wave frequency – which is your most relaxed and mentally-alert state, so you can be your most open to positive suggestions and transformative changes.

By being in this state you are more likely to take on positive habits that will create real change in your life.

You are guided to this state with a series of meditations centred around the understanding and enhancement of three key pillars of happiness – Peace, Power and Purpose. Each pillar contains 10 key characteristics that underpin the journey to your happier self.

MetaMusic is the vehicle that takes you on that journey. By designing a new type of music, we have created a meditative experience that accelerates the desired emotional responses needed to trigger a powerful change.

It does this through a cinematic film score designed to act as a metaphor that underpins the suggestions from the meditation sessions so users experience heightened self-awareness and amplified emotions. This evokes positive states of mind like; resourcefulness, creativity, resilience and open-heartedness.

By deepening the process in this way, our listeners experience the beneficial character changes of years’ worth of meditation in just a matter of months.

Key features within the FreeMind app

  • Basic training (14 meditations) is free and will provide a solid grounding into inspiring meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Currently, over 250 meditations for subscribers to deepen your meditation practice and strengthen your success and happiness
  • Daily meditations (ranging from 5 – 25 minutes to fit within your schedule) focussed on enhancing your natural levels of peace, power and purpose
  • Meditation topics range from managing stress, building confidence and presenting well, to improving emotional intelligence, developing leadership skills, changing habits and being healthier
  • Meditation options with or without guidance, and with or without music on some recordings
  • MetaMusic is written and performed by professional musicians
  • Scripts written and delivered by master communicators