How to practice calmness and be a better person

When we see successful people on TV, in the media or in films, there is one common characteristic that inspires us the most: they remain calm in the face of extreme pressure. We all have people like this in our lives; individuals who produce an aura of self-assurance, control and perspective, and we know deep down that such resilience and capability is a real blessing.

Frantic panic, anxiety and stress are friends nobody wants to invite to dinner, so what’s the big secret of remaining calm during life’s more testing moments and why is it so powerful?

Calmness attracts success

Calmness is all about managing your perspective and deepening your feelings of stability and security. If a person has a good relationship with themselves and a good relationship with others, they tend to be calm and relaxing to be around. Remaining calm is one of the best indicators of inner security and stability.

It’s possible to achieve a certain level of success without calmness, but it never tends to last or generate any real happiness. Calmness is a subtle but powerful indicator of success and it also attracts more success to you.

Calmness stops you living in fear

Learning how to deal with frustrating situations in a calm manner develops your reserves of resilience and capability. Once people associate you with being calm under pressure, they will trust you more.

Like our heroes in the stories we love, remaining calm in times of crisis encourages others to trust your judgement and follow your direction as it proves you are well adapted to your life and that you trust yourself.

People want to connect, support, help and invest in people that feel solid.

Stress is just another term for fear

Living in stress is what is to be controlled by fear and tension. It can build up over time and it is important to develop a practice of letting all the tension in your life go, returning to calm and allowing yourself to come back to the centre.

You are reminding yourself that you can deal with whatever challenge you are facing. That everything is working out exactly as it is supposed to. Even if it doesn’t look anything like you thought it should. Even if you are going to have to rebuild from the very bottom again. You are capable of doing this.

That capability begins with you remaining calm and seeing the bigger picture.

The bigger picture

Deepening your resilience and taking pride in responding to life in a calm and peaceful way is a tried and tested path to lasting success and enduring happiness. Choose that for yourself today instead of taking a fight to the world and forcing your hopes and dreams into reality.

Choose instead to enjoy the journey and discover greater mindfulness in the art and science of meditation. Ambition and motivation are powerful factors that drive us forward in life, but choose to remain calm when things don’t go the way you intend. You have a much better chance of overcoming that challenge and progressing positively.

You can’t control life. But you can control how you respond to it.