Here’s why music can be the most powerful tool in meditation

The story of people and music is one as old as our species. Its powerful influence over our state-of-mind is why music has always provided the rhythmic backdrop to our most ancient ceremonies and wonderful celebrations.

It has the capacity to lift and carry our mood into an optimal state of expression and reflection. It is also, for many, the key to digging deeper and accessing a normally impossible meditative state.

This is why music plays a central role in the FreeMind process. Music and certain frequencies, melodies and time code manipulations, help us access meditative states normally reserved for those in with very advanced meditation practices.

It is why we have developed a new category in music – MetaMusic – to help everybody reach this state, wherever they are, a lot faster. Let’s explore why.

How music can help us meditate

Music can take us along an incredible journey. In film, music is used by directors to amplify intended emotional responses from the audience. Think of a loved scene from a favourite film – the music would have helped you understand it and subsequently adore it.

All great scripts start with an intended feeling – and our lives are certainly no different.

In meditation, music can help us harness the unique power of specific sounds and melodies to help us relax, be more open, and be ready to be helped. It does this by enhancing our emotional responses to powerful suggestions, invitations and questions – which in turn can help us visualise a better outcome.

When developing the music for FreeMind, we used world-leading musicians to compose soundtracks with psychology, freedom and empowerment in mind – to help you achieve a truly relaxed, open and ready to heal state.

Music can help us visualise happiness

The power of your emotions should never be underestimated. Understanding and learning to express them is an important step in our personal development – and can hold the key to unravelling those negative habits that are stopping us from reaching our optimal self.
Music can, therefore, be used as a metaphor for a world we want to live in. It can help us visualise a positive, resolved, fresh state where those negative habits have been overcome and a new, more powerful us now exists.

The capacity to visualise that better world is integral to us finding happiness. And because of our connection to music is so strong, the brain can accept it as a symbol of this new self. In simple terms, the music becomes a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

To create new behaviours, we have to create new beliefs. The visualisation does that naturally but in order to make the new neural pathways and positive behaviour more established, it is important to generate as much positive emotion as possible whilst you are visualising. The right piece of uplifting music does that brilliantly. So FreeMind uses music to get you into powerful meditative states very rapidly but it also turbo-charges the power of your visualisations.

How music is used in FreeMind

By developing our own type of music, we have managed to design an experience that combines all the greatest elements of musical soundscapes with easy to access meditative sessions. This means that people can now do the deepest level work on themselves without the cost or inconvenience of a therapist.