FreeMind Wins Best Mindfulness Meditation App At Health & Wellbeing Magazine Awards 2019

FreeMind has won its first award. And what a cracker!

In their inaugural awards, Health & Wellbeing Magazine today unveil the very best wellness products in the industry, as judged by nutritionists and the magazine’s celebrity columnists.

In the category for best Mindfulness and Meditation apps, FreeMind was crowned as the winner!

Health & Wellbeing Magazine

What we love about Health & Wellbeing magazine is their full approach that covers both physical exercise and mental wellbeing.

They have all kinds of fitness plans, eating advice, and tips to help readers along their journey to feeling good.

Their mental wellbeing content supports readers that want to be healthy and happy, so they cover topics like stress, motivation, and confidence.

At FreeMind, we related to this 100%!


FreeMind has been in the making for almost 20 years and this award is a testament that people want more than just relaxation.

It’s amazing that there are over a thousand mindfulness and meditation apps out there for people to benefit from. It almost makes you question why make another product where there are so many.

But people who have been using FreeMind regularly tell us how transformed they feel.

They want tools to manage their mindset and master their lives.

And that’s what we’ve created!

(and we keep creating and adding more content)

Recognition and Gratitude

We are over the moon to have won Health & Wellbeing magazine’s award for the best meditation and mindfulness app today.

The magazine goes on sale today (28 Nov 2019) so be sure to check it out. We’re buying 5 copies!

Thank you Health & Wellbeing Magazine for recognising FreeMind!

With love and gratitude from the team at the ‘award-winning’ FreeMind.