FreeMind’s Launch Year of Highlights:


And You.

Although it’s still our beginning and we haven’t been live for a full year yet, we’ve certainly fast-approached the end of our launch year, 2019.

And what a 2019 it has been!

As we reflect, we’re excited by just two main types of highlight:

1. Our successes.

Which help lead to…

2. Your transformations.

Our successes:

FreeMind in it’s earliest form began as we entered this millennium, when FreeMind Creator, Tom Fortes Mayer had a life-changing epiphany which later inspired him to help millions of others find success and happiness.

Then in 2017, FreeMind took a new life form in order to realise that goal, which saw the formation of a new business by a team of three, enabling Tom to do what he does best: put his heart and soul into creating the ultimate tool set for helping people manage their mindsets and master their lives.

We launched to the public in March 2019 with the ultimate collection of over 250 meditations within our new app, to help millions of people enhance the key characteristics of happiness through the key pillars of Peace, Power and Purpose.

But our meditations were further supported by something essential to the experience: music.

But not just any music!

In typical FreeMind form, our music had to be composed and performed by world class professional musicians. That’s how we deliver profoundness to the experience because you can’t get close with ordinary, background music.

We created something special. For you.

FreeMind was well-received:

  • In almost no time at all, we were celebrating the milestone of our first 1,000 downloads.
  • In under two months, FreeMind had been ‘App of the Week‘ in The Sun and 21 other newspapers.
  • The media was also talking about FreeMind in TechRadar, METRO, Fit & Well magazine, Natural Health magazine, The Daily Mail, The Sun, Fab UK, Women’s Health, Tom Santé magazine, Closer magazine, Spirit & Destiny magazine, The Sunday Edit, Woman’s Weekly, Woman magazine, The Good Web Guide, Hip  & Healthy, Kindred Spirit magazine, and many more…

But we were listening to people and found that the world is also struggling with one very important thing: sleep.

So we launched a brand new collection of sleep meditations (click to read), to help not just your quantity but also your quality of sleep.

Quick tip: Find the sleep collections by tapping Peace, then the Collections tile, then scroll down to the very bottom where you’ll see four tiles: Sleep Meditations, Sleep Training, Sleep Stories and Sleep Soundtracks.

FreeMind’s collection now stands at around 280 meditations including our new sleep collection.

And then… We won a huge award!

Health & Wellbeing Magazine crowned FreeMind their best Mindful/Meditation app 2019 (click to read).

We’ve done a lot to get you to notice us. And we’ll keep going to help others too.

We’re happy about 2019 and grateful to you, our earliest supporters.

Your transformations:

There are two main elements to achieving a free mind with FreeMind:

(a) You time. This means, cut out the distractions and listen to the guided meditations. Find a quiet spot, use headphones that block out other sounds if needed, do nothing else, and take time to focus just on you.

(b) Listen often. Like anything you want to achieve, you need to keep at it. Listen once and you have immediate help to manage your mindset for any of the key characteristics. Listen often and it will be embedded into you and your way of life. Then keep going and explore the many other characteristics.

The effect of the above is transformational.

But don’t take our word for it. Take yours…

This app has been a game changer for me. I’m a self-employed father of two and I’ve always found it easier to make time for others than to make time for myself. I’ve been using the FreeMind app since the start of the year and it’s transformed the way I think about myself and the way other people think about me.

– – – – – App Store review.


I remember the first time I used the free mind app it was after a long frustrating day at work. Upon my return from work I took the time to listen to a peace track on the app I remember coming out of the meditation deeply relaxed with a clear open mind. It was amazing!

Since then Ive been using the app as much as possible. I’ve seen a massive change in my confidence and the way I handle certain situations. I’ve noticed a massive change in my focus, I feel much more centred and connected to who I am and the people around me.

I am extremely grateful for the free mind app and I look forward to my continued journey of development.

– – – – – App Store review.


I’ve been using mindfulness and Stress reduction techniques for ten years , I co facilitate a stress reduction group for professionals in high stress professions and I find the FreeMind App makes the biggest impact on reducing my own stress levels and remarkably on my ability to focus on complex tasks during my work day.

I’m completing tasks faster and making decisions with ease after listening to the performance recordings ! Cannot recommend highly enough for everyday stress reduction – love using the short recordings between meetings ! 

– – – – – App Store review.

Life changing. Some of these meditations allow you to do deep healing work, break unhealthy behaviour patterns and work on lifelong problems. Of course if you just want to feel more positive today, or fall asleep more easily, that’s all here too.

But what I really love about these meditations is that many of them can allow you to go deep enough to work on underlying problems and work towards lifelong goals. This app has helped me to improve my life, my health, my relationships immeasurably.

– – – – – Google Play review.

So you want this too? We are here for you.

We have forever-free recordings (about 14 at the moment) but if you want to work on ALL of the characteristics, download for offline listening and many other benefits, then any of our subscriptions will give you access to all ~280 meditations.

How to achieve a free mind in 3 easy steps with FreeMind: