About FreeMind

FreeMind is a health and wellbeing organisation that is dedicated to making the world a happier place by sharing the very best life changing technology in the most exciting, engaging and enjoyable way possible.

We are passionate about empowering individuals to discover their own ability to overcome their difficulties, achieve their goals and enjoy greater levels of health, happiness and harmony.

We believe that extraordinary life change is possible and it doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time.

We believe that everyone deserves to be given the tools that will enable them to build a life that they love.

FreeMind focuses on understanding and enhancing the three pillars of peace, power and purpose because those are the foundations upon which success and happiness are built.

We are very excited to share these amazing techniques.

FreeMind Meditations help to reduce the mental effort it takes to meditate and helps you experience the benefits of long-term meditation in a much shorter space of time.

How does it work?

FreeMind combines meditation, advanced psychology and MetaMusic to activate the alpha brain wave frequency – a waking dream state of complete physical relaxation and high mental alertness – in which openness to positive suggestions and transformation can be accelerated.

MetaMusic takes the listener on a journey. It coordinates with the suggestions and underpins the whole experience in the form of cinematic film scores designed to act as a metaphor and bridge to help listeners have a more powerful experience. Along the way, suggestions are highlighted, emotions are amplified, and trigger sounds are activated, all to evoke specific states of mind i.e. resourcefulness, creativity, resilience and open-heartedness. It is through the use of MetaMusic that the acceleration process occurs – the music aids the delivery of the message and deepens the process, allowing listeners to experience the benefit of years’ worth of meditation in a matter of months.

FreeMind Meditations: how to experience peace, power and purpose

FreeMind Meditations uses a three-pillar approach to help people enjoy more peace, power and purpose in their lives:

Pillar 1

The FreeMind Peace meditations allow you to enjoy more natural contentment by helping you relax away all stress, tension and anxiety whilst dissolving any negative or limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours.

Pillar 2

The FreeMind Power meditations help to unleash your greatest potential by helping you empower yourself with positivity, motivation and integrity whilst also inspiring you to bring your very best to every area of your life

Pillar 3

The FreeMind Purpose meditations help you enjoy a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment in life by helping you to unlock a clearer idea of who you really are, what you really want and where your happiest place is in life.

FreeMind Values

Excellence – We are committed to bringing our very best to everything that we do.

Innovation – We are committed to constantly improving and enhancing our products and services.

Enjoyment – We are committed to making personal and professional development as enjoyable as possible.

Contribution – We are committed to add extraordinary value to our customers lives and the world at large.

Inspiration – We are committed to build an amazing company that proves that success and happiness go hand in hand.