The Art & Science of Being

FreeMind helps you enjoy more happiness, health, and harmony, in a way that is easy, enjoyable, and energising.

Our collection of powerful meditations, combined with motivational psychology, and beautiful cinematic music, blends traditional mindfulness tools with more advanced modern techniques.

The 3 pillars upon which all happiness and success are built


Enjoy more natural contentment by helping you relax away all stress, tension and anxiety whilst also dissolving any negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


Unleash your greatest potential by helping you empower yourself with positivity, motivation and integrity whilst also inspiring you to bring your very best to every area of your life.


Enjoy a greater sense of meaning and fulfilment in life by helping you enjoy a clearer idea of who you really are, what you really want and where your happiest place is in life.


Mindful meditation with music

All our meditations are enhanced with bespoke cinematic music that is designed to help you experience the power and beauty of meditation more rapidly.

FreeMind For Everyone


Everyone can listen to some of our best guided meditations and training free of charge including:

Morning meditations

Mindfulness meditations

Advanced meditations

Eyes open training


Premium users can access the full suite of over 250 recordings and an array of premium features including:

All available lengths of our meditations

Listen with or without music

Timed meditations for each pillar

Download and listen offline

Daily pick with access to the full library